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New England College delivers an orientation program before the students commence their course, to make them familiar with the campus and faculty. The Orientation program provides an opportunity for the students to meet other students and obtain information about their studies, facilities and other services available to them. It is a great platform for the students to raise their queries and concerns and get them clarified. The other key points covered in the Orientation Program are as follows:

  • Information about life in Australia.
  • Students also learn about their obligations and responsibilities in terms of maintaining satisfactory attendance and course progress throughout the tenure of their course. Also, the students are made aware of the implications on their Visa status, if they fail to meet the above requirements.
  • Information about the facilities and resources available for students.
  • The organisation structure at New England College and introduction to the relevant trainers.
  • Student support services that are available to assist the students to ensure smooth transition to life and study in a new environment.
  • Contact details and information about accommodation, health services, emergency contacts, immigration details, etc.
  • The complaints and appeals process for grievances, offering a right of appeal against decisions that may affect them.

New England College offers a variety of assistance programs to international and domestic students and their families. NEC offers various counselling contacts to help students, when in need of assistance. The College will do its best to ensure that the student has a pleasant stay and the best environment to enrich their learning experience.


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Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission 



Dial 000 (Ambulance, Police, Fire Brigade)


Gambling Problems

For immediate help call 1800 858 858 FREECALL


Injury at Work


Alcohol Problems


Pay Disputes


Home Affairs Australia


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